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Guardian Protection
Home Security Systems
Warrendale, PA
Customer journeys are evolving and Guardian Protection knows user reviews are a vital step in that evolution.
Best Company’s platform for online reputation pushed Guardian Protection to a new level of transparency and brand awareness.
We’re sending out more requests for reviews than any other consumer insights platform, and the fact that many are gathered by phone drives up our conversion.
Nathan Dodd
Reputation Marketing Specialist
Consumers are smart, they check and double check their sources before making decisions of where to spend. Poor reviews or bad experiences can easily damage a brand’s reputation. Without properly engaging with dissatisfied customers and promoting positive experiences, businesses lose out on a world of opportunity. Guardian Protection partnered with Best Company to build a 3rd-party company profile with industry leading tools to engage with their customers and boost their reputation.
After facing the all-too-common reality of negative reviews damaging their brand, Guardian Protection began reaching out to customers using Best Company’s Business Suite to strategically gather experiences worth sharing. It wasn’t long before they built up their profile, moved up the rankings in their business category, and felt a boost in online traction from customers.
Reviews hosted on
63% generated via phone and 37% via email.
Reviews requested from customers
More than any other 3rd-party review platform, Best Company offers a higher volume of outreach to verified customers.
Review conversion with a 4.5 avg rating
Brands experience a higher average review rating compared to other 3rd-party sites.
Control the customer journey from the start
Many consumers experience brands and products away from the company's website. Their first interaction is often when they begin researching and looking for insights from other customers and what other companies exist in the business category. This is where Guardian Protection took control and beefed up their online presence.
Using features unique to Best Company, Guardian Protection added unique features like a personalized message, featured images, company video, promotions and other customer experience branding to their profile that other competitor sites don’t offer. Simply put, Best Company and Business Suite allows businesses to offer a similar journey and brand experience on their profile to what a customer might find on their website.
We can compare ourselves to other companies' profiles and see where we stack up in the Business Suite. The additional personalization of our page makes the profile extremely attractive to our potential customers.
Amanda purpura
Manager, Lead Generation and Partnerships