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Home Security Systems
Provo, UT
How Vivint strengthened its online reputation: A strategy to replicate across any industry.
It may look like magic, but it doesn’t take any tricks to create an impressive brand strategy on Best Company.
We wanted to have the strongest profile to look good in the industry and to our customers. We optimized our page and are pleased with the results we are getting.
Zac Bitsoi
Senior Affiliate Program Manager
Developing an online reputation strategy should start by recognizing where your customers are. More than 70% of consumers do their own research about brands and products before ever landing on a company's website. Vivint, a home security company, built an online reputation with Business Suite to triple visits to their profile in only six months. They wanted to make sure their brand was recognizable online as a reliable product with excellent customer service. Best Company was the ideal platform to promote Vivint’s services and engage with customers about their experiences.
After facing the all too common reality of negative reviews driving business away from a brand, Vivint began reaching out to customers using Best Company’s Business Suite to strategically gather experiences worth sharing. It wasn’t long before Vivint built up its profile, moved up the rankings in its business category, and saw a boost in online traction from customers.
Increase in profile reviews
Moving up the rankings, sending customers to the site, and implementing an active online reputation strategy led to an increase of customers landing on the Vivint page.
Verified reviews improved
The voice of the customer is what drives the perception of the brand. Vivint took control of the rhetoric and enhanced its reputation by curating and sharing positive experiences.
Increase in user reviews
An intentional strategy to gather reviews from customers with positive experiences drove up their star rating dramatically.
Control the customer journey from start to finish
Within six months, more and more profile visitors were converting to leads, sales, revenue, and loyal customers. Solicited reviews were coming in with better and better ratings. This influx of positive experiences brought its star rating up an entire 2 stars — a goal for any business looking to succeed online.
By optimizing its page for organic and paid search, Vivint capitalized on opportunities to find customers and direct them to Best Company. It was an intentional and successful strategy to help control the customer’s experience at the top of the funnel, when they are doing their own investigating, to provide them with the most comprehensive information possible. In the end, the voice of the customer always wins and Vivint took control of the experience.
Best Company is a recognizable source and it’s only going to get better. The things they can do for SEO and online reputation has helped us compete in the marketplace.
Kathryn Hyer
Affiliate Marketing Brand Associate